Zimri Cellars is the result of a passion for great wine. Owner and winemaker, Jason Bull, or Jay as his friends call him, grew up in Sonoma County, surrounded by beautiful vineyards and lush countryside. This is what led him to pursue winemaking and to earn a degree in fermentation sciences from Fresno State University. After being an assistant winemaker for a few amazing wineries in Napa and Sonoma, he decided to make a change and ended up in the Willamette Valley in Northern Oregon.  

Jay prefers to be involved in all aspects of producing wine, and therefore created Zimri Cellars which allowed him to use his knowledge and creativity in crafting wines that come from the heart. It goes without saying that great wine comes from great fruit. He carefully selects vineyards of the highest quality, promising red wines with depth and complexity, and whites that show their true varietal character.

The name Zimri Cellars comes from the road that Jay and his wife raised thier kids, Zimri Dr. in Newberg. The Bull on label of course represents the family’s last name. We hope you’ll make the bull a part of your family too. Enjoy!